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Jul. 25-26, 2017
Suzhou, China
Keynote Speakers
The information about the Keynote Speakers of ICFSNE2017 is as follows, which will be updated regularly.
Dr. Hong L. Yao, Associate Professor
Food Science Department, Jingling Institute of Technology, Nanjing, China

Biography: Dr. Hong L. Yao, an associate professor.
Worked in Food Science Department, Jingling Institute of Technology from 2001 till now. Graduated from Nanjing Tech University with a master degree majored in organic chemistry in 2008.
Till now, more than 20 papers were published and more than 20 different kinds of patents were authorized.
In recently 5 years, the plant extract processing and its function assay was chiefly researched, 5 patents was authorized, several funding was supported and two technology prize was rewarded in this field.

Topic: The Preparation Process and Antioxidant Properties in Vitro of Hydrolysates from Pigeon Meat

Abstract: The pigeon was hydrolyzed with the flavor protease, alkaline protease, papaya protease and bromelain, and the process was optimized by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment using the hydrolysis degree as the index. Then the antioxidant properties in vitro was tested using the reducing capacity, DPPH (1-1-diphenyl 2-picryl hydrazyl) radical scavenging activity, hydroxyl radical scavenging activity and superoxide radical scavenging activity. The result showed that the optimized hydrolysis processing was followed: flavor protease as the enzyme, the enzyme amount was 800U/g (material), hydrolysis temperature was 55°C, pH value was 7.0, hydrolysis time was 2.5h. The antioxidant activity assay also indicated that the hydrolysate has a good reducing capacity and performance on radical scavenging activity as compared to ascorbic acid.

Ji Li
Senior IP consultant in Beijing RSMK IP firm, China

Biography: Master degree from tust, as an Engineer in CNIF, As a patent manager of Hanergy group. Now Senior IP consultant of Beijing RSMK IP firm.
Achievements: Set up patent strategy and operation system in Hanergy company.
More than 1500 patent applications were drafted. More than 200 lectures of patent. 9 patent thesis about patent were published in magazines, such as Situation analysis and patent development in China Biological Technology and so on. Achieved 16 patent of invention in China.

Topic: Problems of Patent Protection in the Field of Food and Biology and Its Solutions

Abstract: One patent suit of Novozymes company happed in China in 2013 is introduced here. Novozymes company won the lawsuit by its patent in China. Content of the patent is about gene and anzyme. The reason why the Novozymes company won is that some skills and methods of patent were used here. Features of the patent are wide scope and 26 claims of it. The patent come into China by PCT treaty and also are granted in many countries. This case shows us good patent can get protection in China. Another case is also introduced in this speech, this case show us what is good claims for one patent. You can just get one certification not a patent if you don't pay attention to the claims. Some other rules of patent is also introduced here. Chinese government strengthen patent protection by rules and law. Patent can protect your achievement of R&D in China.

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